We regret that our worship services and other events have been cancelled from March 22 through April 30 due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Please click on the "online worship" page to see brief worship videos and each Sunday's readings that you can see from home. Let us pray for the ill and trust in God's mercy during this challenge.

Lamentamos que nuestros cultos (misas) y otros eventos, desde el 22 de marzo hasta el 30 de abril, se han suspendido debido a la epidemia. Hagan clic en "online worship" para ver videos de cultos breves y enlaces a las lecturas de cada domingo, que Ud. puede ver desde su casa.   Oremos por los enfermos y confiemos en la misericordia de Dios durante este desafío.


Mission Statement: Share the Gospel- Prepare Disciples- Serve All in Christ's Love!

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Pastor: the Rev. Gary Cox gary.cox@alum.ssw.edu

Minister of Music: Brother Jamison Wheeler jpaswlq@yahoo.co.uk